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Tell Us What You Think of Stayfree® Ultra Thin™!

Read Reviews for Stayfree® Ultra Thin™

This survey has ended, here are the results:

  1. Were you happy with the results of using Stayfree® Ultra Thin™?
    Choice 1: Yes
    Choice 2: No
  2. Did this trial encourage you to purchase Stayfree® Ultra Thin™?
    Choice 1: Yes
    Choice 2: No
  3. Would you recommend Stayfree® Ultra Thin™ to your friends?
    Choice 1: Yes
    Choice 2: No
jjohnson12 jjohnson12 3 years

Better than expected, worked well, they're comfortable, and fit me just right.

Vanessa14990130 Vanessa14990130 3 years

I usually use tampons but I really liked the stayfree ultra thin pads. I could barely tell that I had it on and it was excellent coverage.

gpapaseraphim gpapaseraphim 3 years

So thin, you can barely feel them. Very absorbent. My daughters asked me to purchase more.

drobinson8098 drobinson8098 3 years

I normally use tampons but recently had my son a month ago so these came at a great time to try them out. I really like them. They aren't bulky, didn't leak and are comfortable. I would highly recommend to friends and family!

Svitlana Svitlana 3 years

I liked it! Thin, soft, absorbent, no leaks!

bcook1617 bcook1617 3 years

I really enjoyed these pads, they were not bulky like other brands and I could exercise and not have to worry about any leaking and It I really liked the therma control I will definitely be purchasing them in the near future!

jsiemon jsiemon 3 years

To be honest, I'm very impressed with this project. I don't normally use pads, but I thought I would give them a try and I was amazed. I highly recommend them. Their very absorbent and extremely thin, I could hardly tell I was wearing them.

nchauhan nchauhan 3 years

Stayfree ultra thin is very comfortable to wear, great absorbent and provides super protection. Even in my shorts I feel comfortable.

kkerr0860 kkerr0860 3 years

Great ultra thin pad without being bulky. I felt comfortable wear leggings, my snug jeans, and even lounging around in the pool with these pads.

ediaz2819 ediaz2819 3 years

Really good protection for that thin of a pad

rwinkler rwinkler 3 years

I really liked them.they worked well for being an ultra thin pad.I used them during the day when I worked and the pads gave me protection during my work hours!

Alexandria2434566 Alexandria2434566 3 years

Great protecton for a thin pad!

dmcnealty dmcnealty 3 years

I love how thin and absorbent they are and the wings are perfect , I will purchase in the future ,the only thing that bothers me is the perfume smell .

gflusser gflusser 3 years

Really thin and super absorbent.

hvandijk hvandijk 3 years

I loved this pad. Very comfortable and flexible. It really absorbs well and feels soft. Really keeps you feeling fresh and confident.

mblack4898 mblack4898 3 years

it was real absorbent. and thin.

hmcfeaters hmcfeaters 3 years

I'm more of a TP girl, so I let my sister try them out. She loves them. Very thin and feels like nothing is there. She also mentioned she stayed very dry, and didn't really feel mushy lol.

hballard hballard 3 years

Absolutely great product! Very absorbent, but still thin so it isn't uncomfortable.

mjordan1121 mjordan1121 3 years

It works pretty great! I was surprised.

jbaral1543 jbaral1543 3 years

Good Absorbent!

lhite1673 lhite1673 3 years

i like this product its thin and absorbant work great for the light days

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