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This survey has ended, here are the results:

  1. Were you happy with the results of using Slimfast Limited Edition Chocolate Mint Protein Shake?
    Choice 1: Yes
    Choice 2: No
  2. Did this trial encourage you to purchase Slimfast products?
    Choice 1: Yes
    Choice 2: No
  3. Would you recommend Slimfast Limited Edition Chocolate Mint Protein Shake to your friends?
    Choice 1: Yes
    Choice 2: No
jcuevas6310 jcuevas6310 3 years
Love flavor exquisito
MicheleMckeownmyers MicheleMckeownmyers 3 years
Sounds good I wish I could have sampled it
HoneyB22 HoneyB22 3 years
What a great seasonal option from @Slimfast!! I did not get a chance to get the FREE sample but I like Slimfast and will definitely be trying it!
Kiara14883854 Kiara14883854 3 years
I'm not a fan of peppermint so I did not enjoy. If it had just been the regular chocolate I am sure I would have enjoyed it better. The mint taste is too strong and while I like peppermint I do not want it mixed with chocolate.
lpatterson8261 lpatterson8261 3 years
this had a really good mix of mint and chocolate. something I might look into buying later. My mum also enjoyed it ( I gave her a sip of mine)
lbetterton lbetterton 3 years
Surprisingly tasty! I couldn't believe it was slim fast!
lbetterton lbetterton 3 years
bdilworth bdilworth 3 years
this was my first SlimFast ever! I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Definitely going to keep this on hand...
Shortshoes Shortshoes 3 years
I was surprised at how good the Slimfast Chocolate Mint Protein Shake tasted. It doesn't leave an aftertaste in your mouth like some of the protein shakes. I plan to buy some more before they stop selling this limited edition of their shakes.
pprater1 pprater1 3 years
love the taste, made a great breakfast that was quick and easy
gflusser gflusser 3 years
I actually was surprised that I liked the flavor. It made me feel full all morning and I would definitely buy it.
Catipa Catipa 3 years
I wasn't sure I was going to like the Slimfast Chocolate Mint Protein Shake, but I was wrong. I did enjoy the minty flavor and it left me very satisfied. I will be using these again after the holidays when I want to drop a few pounds.
BrookeLip BrookeLip 3 years
DELISH!!! It tastes just like a Starbucks chilled peppermint hot chocolate. I will definitely be buying this to get me through the holiday food frenzy!
orlanky6 orlanky6 3 years
I received my sample of the Limited Edition Chocolate Mint Protein shake and I LOVE IT! The flavor is rich and delicious - I can't even taste the protein but I'm happy to know I'm getting the protein I need in this amazing beverage. I will definitely be purchasing more Slimfast products in the grocery store! Thanks!
ccox6 ccox6 3 years
I finally received my sample of the Slimfast Chocolate Mint shake yesterday and let it chill overnight in the fridge. Having had a variety of Slimfast flavors in the past, I was pleasantly surprised by how good this flavor tastes! It is very chocolatey and minty, although being a huge fan of all things peppermint I'd of loved a bit more mint flavor. My only issue was the mouth of the bottle became really messy and made it difficult to drink, and it smelled like formula (like all Slimfast flavors do). Overall I thought it was great, and if I were to buy Slimfast at the moment I'd certainly reach for this flavor!
bdicken bdicken 3 years
I received my sample in the mail yesterday so I put it in the fridge and let it chill overnight. Tried it today for lunch and OMG! It was amazing...10X better than the regular chocolate slimfast shake and I'm still not hungry! I will most definitely be purchasing this product and encourage everyone to try it!!! Amazing product! 5 stars!
mciampa mciampa 3 years
I tried the Slimfast Limited Edition Chocolate Mint Protein Shake and it is to die for. It tasted like a dessert. I felt guilty for drinking it. It was that good.
dsmith7 dsmith7 3 years
wanted to let you know i tried the sample i got of the Chocolate Mint Limited Edition from slim fast and YUMMY!!!!! put it on the grocery list to pick up this weekend. Hope i can finr this flavor, its so good when its really cold! thanks again for letting me try it! :)
bporter3 bporter3 3 years
Had never tried Slim Fast before......WOW I am know buying this stuff!!!! Need to loose a few pounds, this really helps. 5 Stars On the awesome flavor!!!
jalvarez1 jalvarez1 3 years
So yummy
heavensent8480 heavensent8480 3 years
I love mint and this shake is the best ones that slimfast came out with. I would recommend anyone to try !!
dholley dholley 3 years
i really liked this :)
lyonker lyonker 3 years
sabejar sabejar 3 years
obsessed with anything mint chocolate, including this shake!
mrl1585 mrl1585 3 years
loved the flavor! great shake on-the-go
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