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Tell Us What You Think of Puffs SoftPack™

This survey has ended, here are the results:

  1. Were you happy with the results of using Puffs SoftPack?
    Choice 1: Yes
    Choice 2: No
  2. Did this trial encourage you to purchase SoftPack?
    Choice 1: Yes
    Choice 2: No
  3. Would you recommend SoftPack to your friends?
    Choice 1: Yes
    Choice 2: No
  4. Where did you find SoftPack to be most beneficial to you?
    Choice 1: At the gym
    Choice 2: In the home
    Choice 3: On the go
    Choice 4: In my car
  5. Do you prefer Puffs tissues to the leading competitor's offerings (Angel Soft and Kleenex)?
    Choice 1: Yes
    Choice 2: No
Breezy16056921 Breezy16056921 2 years

I absolutely loved the soft package the puffs are in and most of all How soft the tissue is! I would recommend this to anyone!

Star14705195 Star14705195 2 years

Soft pack is awesome i would definitely recommend to anyone so smooth and soft

asinclair1871 asinclair1871 2 years

Not only are they super soft, they fit almost anywhere unlike bulky boxes. I put them in my glove box so I always have them on the go.

mrussell2016 mrussell2016 2 years

I love these soft packs.. they'll be easy to pack away in a suitcase, purse or in a glove box. Soft for the nose young or old.

ABallou ABallou 2 years

Love these so much better than a clunky old box, saves trash and easier to store!

ashumaker3470 ashumaker3470 2 years

Great for on the go. Soft for sensitive skin. LOVED trying these.

rkaul rkaul 2 years

Loved trying these out, especially on the go. Thanks Sample Squad! Definitely getting more :)

abrady7490 abrady7490 2 years

I like try this

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